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Exlar Sales Conference Milan Italy 2018


Italy Milan Exlar Sales Conference 2018

The event attended over two days by more than 50 people introduced the new GTX range of Exlar electric cylinders, along with the new TTX range. The Exlar international European sales conference was hosted by Servotechnica in Milan Italy. 

The advantages of the new product design include what were previously option extras as standard for example:


1) One piece removable front end cap for easy re-greasing on site without complete disassembly.

2) High Capacity roller screw giving 15 times life compared with equivalent ball screws

3) 3 times power density compared with ball screws

4) Modular production design for 4-week lead time

5) Removable brake and encoder modules for easy field servicing

6) Improved shaft sealing giving IP65 ingress with IP67 option

7) Field swap mounting options, front end cap mounting as standard 


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