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Olsen Subsea Controls designs and manufactures a range of high-performance Subsea Linear and Rotary Solutions for the most demanding applications.


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OLX Series

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ORX Series


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Available off the shelf in versions up to 300 bar, these advanced subsea products, built around high spec Exlar GSX Actuators, are ideal for a wide variety of applications in submarines such as winch brake control, winch cable guide control, umbilical cutters, hatch and door actuation, sonar array cutters and sonar mast deployment. They also find applications in pipeline inspection tools, thrusters and manipulators.

The reliability of Exlar subsea actuators, which have been designed with safety and efficiency in mind, has been proven time and again on Virginia Class nuclear submarines. Robust and dependable, OLX and ORX actuators use considerably less energy than similar products. They are low maintenance and offer a clean solution for accurate positioning and motion control by totally eliminating the use of hydraulic oil.


OLX series linear actuators

The OLX Series includes 50, 60, 100 and 300 Bar versions and covers force ratings from 2.5 kN to 110 kN. With travel lengths of up to 450 mm and flexible speed ratings, these components are reliable and easy to maintain thanks to their front seal assembly design.

The OLX series of linear actuators offers extensive possibilities for customisation. Users can choose from a variety of housing materials including Monel. Internal anti-rotate and hard stops can be provided, as can back-drive with fail-safe spring options. Internal limit switch assemblies are optionally available.

Among the many other options that can be provided are CAN bus connectivity, secondary redundant sealing systems, salinity sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensor level, manual docking side or rear drive, visual 

GSX series Integrated Motor Actuator.jpg.PNGposition indication and
flexible mounting arrangements, as well as marine subsea rated cables and integrated servo drive electronics. Supply voltages of 24/48 Vdc, 230 V AC single phase and 230/400 V AC three phase are supported.


ORX series rotary actuators

ORX rotary actuators are available in 50, 60, 100 and 300 Bar versions.  With torque ratings of up to 40 kNm and flexible speed ratings, the actuators can be easily integrated into almost any system. Standard ORX actuators feature painted 316L stainless steel construction and a pressure-compensated design with an easy-to-maintain front seal assembly.

The actuators can be readily customised to suit special applications. Users can chose from a range of housing materials including Monel. A tooth brake and parking fail-safe option is available as are fail-safe spring options for low torque applications. Other options include zero-backlash integrated servo drive electronics, CAN bus connectivity, secondary redundant sealing system, salinity sensor, temperature sensor and pressure sensor level. Manual docking, side or rear drive and flexible mounting options are also offered. Supply voltages of 24/48 Vdc, 230 Vac single phase and 230/400 V three phase are supported.

The optional integrated servo drive electronics for OLX and ORX series actuators are available with ratings up to 4 kW and a choice of supply voltages. They can be supplied with nitrogen filled 1 Bar sealed housings or oil-filled versions. Fieldbus or fibre-optic connectivity for distances up to 3 km can be provided. Also optionally available are multi-axis power electronics control modules.

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